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City of Pittsburgh Announces New First Responder System

Article Written By: Marcie Cipriani of Pittsburgh Action News 4

Pittsburgh officials announced a new station alerting system for firefighters and paramedics.

“A better informed firefighter, a better informed medic, are able to save more people’s lives,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

Peduto said the dispatch information will now be displayed on LED screens around the stations for crews to check as they head to the call.

According to Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Lt. Dan Doyle, the Purvis Alerting System, will also only alert the departments being dispatched, eliminating some stress that first responders feel when they hear every dispatch in the city.

“It raises your pulse rate, your body reacts to it, even though you’re not the one going to be going on that call you kinda jump real quick to be sure before you arrive at the conclusion oh that’s not me, then you go about your business again,” said Doyle. “Twenty, 30, 40 years of that really packs a punch.”

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