Operational Testing & Assessments

At PURVIS, we believe in rigorous testing to validate each of our systems. Testing is embedded into each and every scope of work and helps ensure our solutions integrate with your existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Systems Verification Testing Lab

In our Systems Verification Testing lab, we utilize our custom-built testing systems to perform rigorous testing before beginning on-site client testing.

Our testing is transparent – we always communicate what we’re working on, showing you early and often. We recommend changes and optimizations that should be made and always welcome your input. This early testing helps us avoid schedule delays.

We have procedures to test system anomalies and are always looking at data that is out of bounds. We develop realistic scenarios to collect and analyze system performance, environmental, and geographic data in tactically relevant environments.

Systems Integration

Once the system has been confirmed in our lab, we bring the software and hardware to your site to perform integration testing in the real environment. Once fully integrated, we go through acceptance testing, using initial system requirements and running the test script.

The environments we set up within our lab allow vendors to easily interface and integrate with our systems offline before we integrate at a customer site. This allows us to make sure that the data we are expecting to send or receive from their systems is populating correctly ahead of time and minimizes the impact to live systems at the time of cut-over.

Preserving Existing Functionality

Our series of extensive tests help ensure our new systems will not interfere with existing functionality. We know that every change, no matter how minor, has a ripple effect across your system, so we ensure that we’ve measured the effect on every disparate element before our system is up and running.

We also work to maintain the same ease-of-use that your team has become accustomed to so that our new technology doesn’t hinder current usability.


Evaluate Operator/Human Machine Interface (OMI/HMI)

Integral to our testing is the evaluation of the Operator Interface to evaluate usability, identify any risk areas and validate training effectiveness.

Systems in the Lab

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What Our Clients Say

We Ensure Your Systems are Operational and Dependable

Our testing and verification labs meet the exceptionally high standards required to support and maintain your most complex systems.

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