Systems Development & Integration

We understand the critical role technology plays in response times and make it our mission to implement solutions that empower you to handle life- and mission-critical situations quickly and safely.

Combining systems experience, client knowledge, project management, and expertise in multiple development platforms and Atlassian development tools, PURVIS provides comprehensive engineering services. We provide valuable insight on the design, development, and modernization of hardware and software, and systems integration, all while remaining compliant with defense and public safety regulations and standards.

At PURVIS, we don’t just install technology; we deliver the intangibles – the industry-leading knowledge, guidance, and genuine ambition to help you do your job faster and with a higher level of exactness.

Integration and Interoperability

As a public safety or Department of Defense professional, you probably work with many disparate systems that each serve their own important purpose. We recognize that you may have challenges getting needed data from different systems into one place so you can make real-time, mission-critical, data-driven decisions. The Department of Defense and public safety organizations can’t afford to work with incomplete data simply because it’s in an inaccessible format or in a standalone system.

PURVIS specializes in integrating new and legacy technologies, applications and systems, allowing you to access important data in one location to perform at your highest capacity.

Software Development

Throughout the design, development, and modernization of tailored software solutions, our team of expert engineers applies expertise in the latest programming technologies and development methodologies to design or modernize high-value software.

We work in multiple host environments, including Microsoft and Linux, and are skilled in the latest data communications systems, digital signal processing, and programming languages and technologies including C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP, MFC, C/C++, Java/Java RIM, SQL, VB, and others as required.

We perform all software and hardware development, installation and ongoing maintenance of the FDNY’s modernized STARFIRE Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, which also includes FDNY’s Status Reporting System (SRS) and printers. There are over 3,500 pieces of equipment and devices that make up these systems, all of which are maintained by PURVIS on a 24/7/365 basis.

Hardware Development

We work with you to create concepts and specifications and translate them into hardware solutions tailored to your specific business needs, budgets and timelines. We prototype and fabricate hardware solutions at our production facilities in RI and NY and we are also equipped to modernize and maintain existing hardware you may already have on-site.

Our capabilities in hardware design and modernization enable you to extend your existing investments into reliable, modern systems.

System Installation

PURVIS utilizes proven processes to install equipment specific to your environment. We take the time to understand your operations and requirements in order to ensure that all installations have minimal impact on your ongoing daily operations and clearly meet regulatory standards. As your trusted installation partner, PURVIS will work closely with your team to understand your specific requirements and needs, and then implement solutions that meet all of these concerns. For the Department of Defense, this extends to the Technical Data Package (TDP) and Temporary Alteration (TEMPALT) Development. PURVIS is a NAVSEA 04RP Approved Alteration Installation Team (AIT) ensuring compliance with quality management requirements for all installations.

As your partner, we’re intrinsically motivated to do what’s right and deliver what we promise – on time and on budget. We also work with local installation partners in your area to ensure local codes and ordinances are adhered to.

Supportability Analysis

With a focus on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), PURVIS increases system service life by evaluating preventative maintenance products and providing recommendations for modifications. PURVIS also offers full systems support and maintenance.

For the Department of Defense, we bring dynamic expertise and training to supportability including Reliability Centered Maintenance Level I and II Certified personnel and ePMS and Planned Maintenance System Management Information System (PMSMIS) expertise.

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We Integrate New & Legacy Technologies

We work with you to create concepts and specifications and translate them into hardware solutions tailored to your specific business needs, budgets, and timelines.

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