Field Support & Maintenance

PURVIS brings tenured experience, unmatched technical knowledge, and exceptional service to make sure your systems operate seamlessly 24/7/365. We have a well-established history of maintaining mission-critical systems, in comparable environments, over extended time frames of 10-20 years and beyond.

Our quality assurance measures mitigate risk and uncertainties, producing consistent, reliable outcomes. However, with any technology there is a potential for system troubles and PURVIS has the in-house capability to replicate, diagnose, and resolve issues that may occur in your public safety and defense systems. PURVIS also recognizes that effective systems depend on the proper training and education of the staff utilizing them on a daily basis, so we offer extensive training and support.

24/7/365 Support

At PURVIS, we’re more than just a provider; we’re your long-term partner. You get technical experts who effectively leverage technology to solve your current and anticipated needs. Our help desk platform effectively manages and tracks all of your questions and concerns. From there, our reliable and responsive support team ensures the proper PURVIS engineering and project management staff are alerted of your issue and that your ticket is regularly updated as a resolution is implemented. When you call, we answer and address your problem – day or night. PURVIS also offers preventative maintenance services to keep your systems operating at their peak level.

Among PURVIS’ fire industry experience is a 45-year history of uninterrupted service to the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY). This 45-year history of support to FDNY involves the development, installation and maintenance of dispatching, alerting and communications systems.

As an industry leader in service and support, our comprehensive, post-implementation service and support are designed to protect your investment over the extended life of your system.

PURVIS will tailor a post-implementation maintenance plan to meet your needs. Our typical maintenance program is comprehensive and includes 24/7/365 hardware, software, and help desk support, on-site technical assistance, and software version upgrades.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Over the last ten years, we have trained over 625 dispatch and field personnel in the operation of fire station alerting systems, and over 80 technical personnel in the maintenance and administration of these systems. For DoD clients, certified Master Training Specialists plan, coordinate, and administer shipboard training for managers, supervisors, and equipment operators. We develop and tailor the training material, and provide hands-on, instructional operator training using simulated scenarios and real-time system data; system operations and limitations; data collection and analysis; and system start-up and maintenance.

PURVIS recognizes the importance of a thorough and timely transfer of knowledge from our key technical and operation staff members to clients who will be using and maintaining the solutions we deliver. PURVIS has the experience, methodology, and products to ensure our clients are thoroughly trained in system operation and maintenance.

Our training approach includes the preparation and delivery of a Training Plan detailing the training process, schedule, and sessions to be conducted for the client. All training activities can be conducted remotely or on-site and utilize training with materials that are fully tailored to the delivered PURVIS solution and the client’s specific needs.

Integrated Product & Logistics Support

For the Department of Defense, our ability to provide life cycle logistics support is executed as a continuum across a system’s acquisition cycle, from defining product support strategies to analyzing supportability trade-offs and fielding the resulting support products to the fleet.

PURVIS’ foundation is built on our strong participation in Navy acquisition programs, from maintenance plans and life cycle support. PURVIS Team logisticians and supply technicians have been recognized for our outstanding management, safeguarding, and quality control of NAVSEA and NAVSUP assets and shipsets.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

For Department of Defense clients, paper technical manuals are becoming costly to maintain and difficult to integrate into an automated logistics support system, PURVIS has expertise in converting these obsolete paper technical manuals into interactive electronic technical manuals. By applying international publishing standards for modular reusability with common user interfaces, our IETMs decrease false part-removal rates and significantly decrease training times.

We have expertise in:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • Solidworks
  • Contenta Publishing Site
  • S1000D and XML Schemas and HTML Authoring
  • PTC Arbortext
  • Mekon Eclipse

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What Our Clients Say

We Provide Full Life-Cycle Support 24/7/365

While we pride ourselves on the reliability of our redundant solutions, it’s our proven experience supporting the most complex and vital systems during times of extreme crisis, and on a daily basis, that ensures your systems perform to their maximum capacity – always.

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