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Training Tools with 3D Graphics Case Study

Case Study

PURVIS has been recognized for its high quality graphics and cutting edge 3D animations which have improved fleet training and resulted in undersea warfare concepts becoming programs of record. The ability to understand an engineer’s concept and depict this idea graphically is a unique and highly valued capability.

PURVIS has an outstanding quality reputation for supporting graphics projects within the military development community for a number of years. For example, our key graphics artist worked closely with the Navy on a torpedo program. There was an immediate need to resolve a training challenge for active duty sailors and civilian technicians responsible for torpedo maintenance and repair. The extreme danger and delicate precision required to complete maintenance activities required an innovative training solution. It was agreed that 3D graphics would provide valuable training aids. Our graphics artist developed animations and renderings of the torpedo component to depict various sequences during the testing phase of its operation.

After discussing the requirements with the customer, sketches were done to address the visual problems encountered by cycling through the detonation sequence. A 3D model was determined to be the best solution. The model, constructed using AutoDesk Maya, had to show the internal mechanical components with close attention to detail, and be animated with precise timing. Texture mapped surfaces and photorealistic shading was applied, multiple parts were key-framed to accurately animate complex movements and additional lighting was added. Torpedo components and sections were made transparent or cutaway to reveal the inside of the exploder mechanism. Sequences were rendered to separate animations then transferred to Final Cut Pro where sound, effects, titles and other production enhancements take place. Finished files were logged, recorded and converted into wmv format; then burned to DVD for delivery. The training issue was resolved.

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