Maritime Warfare

In an industry that cannot operate with errors, PURVIS is meticulous in our approach to maritime warfare. We are driven by our responsibility to equip the Department of Defense with the sustainable, engineered solutions needed to protect our nation’s security at sea.

Our team of defense experts – many with advanced U.S. Naval warfare experience – have a profound understanding of maritime warfare operations, procedures, capabilities, and technologies. We exhaust all resources to assure our solutions are tailored to your unique needs.

PURVIS supports the Department of Defense with engineering and technical services, providing full life-cycle support for systems and platforms including:

  • Engineering studies and concept development
  • System design and programming
  • Temporary Alteration (TEMPALT) development
  • Testing, installation, cyber certification and training

We design, develop and certify for cyber compliance the systems we install. From concept to post-deployment support and analysis, we leverage expertise and proven processes to provide high-quality services and products.

Our Subject Matter Experts also implement and sustain Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) processes for U.S. Navy maritime systems and their associated logistics products. We aspire to the principle that an efficient and effective life cycle configuration change control process is one that does not impede design development, production, or operational readiness. By efficiently developing engineering change control documents, and managing the installation of the design changes, and sustaining their operation and maintenance throughout their life cycle, we help our clients keep their systems on the cutting edge of technology.

Our unmatched responsiveness and dedicated team means you always have access to the experts who can solve your most complex challenges, day or night.


What Our Clients Say

We Integrate New & Legacy Technologies

We work with you to create concepts and specifications and translate them into hardware solutions tailored to your specific business needs, budgets, and timelines.

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