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fire truck in the waco fire department garage

Waco Fire Upgrades to PURVIS Alerting System After 20 Years

Seeking a more efficient and stable alerting solution, the Waco Fire Department has selected the IP-based PURVIS Alerting System to serve their station’s needs.

After over two decades in operation, Waco Fire Department’s radio-based alerting system had reached the end of its serviceable life. Executive Deputy Chief Robby Bergerson was eager to transition Waco into a newer, more efficient technology. He’d heard of other agencies’ success with PURVIS’s Internet Protocol (IP)-based alerting system.

As he told KCEN-TV, “Other agencies that have had IP dispatching have seen response times reduced by as much as 45 seconds per incident, in some situations.”

PURVIS’s solution automates and reduces the number of steps in the dispatch process. As a result, this will also reduce the risk of human error and help responders get on-site faster.

As Waco’s population grows, PURVIS’s more efficient and stable system will grow with them. The new system will also help the department keep up with the sheer volume of calls.

“When we have multiple calls that need to go out to different fire station locations for different calls at the same time, this system is capable of alerting all of those stations simultaneously,” he said.

The PURVIS Alerting System  could save emergency responders critical seconds and help save more lives. Not only this, but it also helps reduce stress on first responders with its practical features and functionality.

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