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Your job doesn’t stop, so neither does ours. We’re all in this together.

An Update from PURVIS

As we continue to closely monitor the outbreak of COVID-19, our thoughts go out to all those affected. At PURVIS, we have two priorities during this time – protecting the health of our employees and community, and continuing to provide clients and partners with the highest level of support and service.

In a time of deep uncertainty, have peace of mind knowing there has been no disruption to the high level of support and services from our PURVIS team, and we anticipate that will continue. While some of our team is working remotely, our business continues to operate as usual. Because working remotely has been part of our culture for years, this transition has been a smooth one. 

We’d like to thank all of our employees for the work they are doing during this time, especially those working in the field on the frontlines. We’d also like to recognize our wonderful partners for their unwavering commitment and support. Everyone at PURVIS sincerely thanks you for the sacrifices you continue to make each day. 

In the midst of these trying times, rest assured that we’re here to continually support all of our current and future clients, partners and employees in order to meet your needs. Please feel free to connect with our team with any questions.

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