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PURVIS Systems Named to Gov CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Public Safety Solution Companies of 2019

The Go-To Experts for Modern, Well-Integrated 
Public Safety Technology Solutions

“Technology has the power to increase your efficiency and enable you to do your job more effectively. On the flip side, it can also hinder you when not implemented properly. At PURVIS Systems, the difference lies in our people who build and support technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients,” begins Joe Drago, the CEO of PURVIS.

PURVIS embodies the wisdom within this quote by enabling public safety agencies to handle life-critical situations quickly and safely. Seconds save lives, and realizing the critical role technology plays in response times, PURVIS strives to be a trusted partner for their clients by not only offering tailored technology solutions that meet their needs, but also seamlessly integrating with their existing operations and environment. “Our mission is to leverage our technology expertise and deliver solutions that enhance our clients’ ability to do their jobs. It’s about providing peace of mind that the technology supporting emergency responders’ day-to-day operations will work reliably and consistently – these assurances are critical in emergency response situations” adds Drago.

In recent years, the public safety industry has seen consolidations, where municipalities are often encouraging agencies and organizations to conjoin their operations under the umbrella of dispatch centers. Recognizing these trends, PURVIS has aligned its specialties and expertise to market demands and has helped provide complete interoperability across disparate systems and, often, across several agencies. “From the public safety standpoint, agencies and municipalities are looking at improving their systems and providing a better service to the population. Being driven by economics, it comes down to maximizing the dollars available to provide the best-in-house solutions and services to all of these stakeholders,” says Drago.

Serving as a true extension of their clients’ team, PURVIS provides support for mission-critical systems, modernizes legacy systems, and centralizes relevant data so that public safety organizations from coast to coast can focus on protecting their communities. For 45 years and counting, the company has continuously supported the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) and has assisted them in maintaining their mission-critical systems – such as the FDNY’s CAD and alerting systems as well as the 14,000 FDNY call boxes in the City of New York.

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System (FSAS) serves as the company’s flagship life safety solution. Trusted and utilized by hundreds of fire, EMS, and dispatch agencies across the country, the PURVIS FSAS delivers automated alerts to life safety personnel in real-time. Recently, in one Southeast Coastal County, PURVIS implemented its Fire Station Alerting System bringing together 14 agencies and delivering a solution that helped improve emergency response times and overall operational efficiency. “We help our clients move forward in a fiscally responsible way by leveraging their existing systems along with newer technologies to build solutions for the future,” adds Drago.

Looking to the future, PURVIS has positioned itself tactfully for future growth. “Leveraging our years of experience and market presence throughout the US, we are investing in our people and our infrastructure in order to drive continued growth and provide top-level client engagement and support,” says Drago. PURVIS’ commitment to maintaining, supporting, and scaling systems over time has led to long-standing relationships with a number of high-profile clients like the Fire Department of New York City, Chicago’s Office of Emergency Communications, and The District of Columbia’s Fire & EMS Department and Dispatch Center. “Our eye is certainly toward the future in terms of growth and continued success with new clients, but more importantly, we are anticipating technological trends that will have an impact on our industry and building expertise internally to be able to address these trends with our existing clients. We pride ourselves on providing the high level of service that we do and strive to continue to provide that absolute peace of mind for our clients” says Drago.

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