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PURVIS Fire Station Alerting Systemâ„¢

About the Solution Brief The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System (FSAS)â„¢ is an IP-based alerting solution designed to enhance communications and decrease response times. Intended for use specifically as a fire station alerting system, the rich features and functionality proactively support the day-to-day operations and environmental health, comfort, and safety of first responders. Our lead […]

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U.S. Naval submarine ship

Concept Development in Mine Warfare Case Study

Case Study Since the days of the Revolutionary War, the US Navy has had a love-hate relationship with naval mines, which have been long known as the “weapons that wait”. The US Navy deployed naval mines during both World Wars and since then has only used them on two other occasions: mining North Vietnamese ports […]

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PURVIS employee examining FSAS hardware

Custom Hardware & Software Development Case Study

Case Study A physical layer switch fabric consists of electronic and/or electro-mechanical devices that function as automated cable patch panels. These switch devices have been in use, successfully, in US Navy labs for many years and providing efficiencies in “wire once” cable management; reduced wear and tear on cables and equipment; cost savings through equipment […]

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Grou of Navy men standing in straight lines

Training Tools with 3D Graphics Case Study

Case Study PURVIS has been recognized for its high quality graphics and cutting edge 3D animations which have improved fleet training and resulted in undersea warfare concepts becoming programs of record. The ability to understand an engineer’s concept and depict this idea graphically is a unique and highly valued capability. PURVIS has an outstanding quality […]

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5 Steps to Affordably Grow into a New

Fire Station Alerting System

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