Supporting Mission-Critical Technologies

We are driven by our responsibility to equip the Department of Defense with the sustainable, engineered solutions needed to protect our nation’s security – on land and at sea. Trusted by the U.S. Navy as well as large prime contractors and small businesses, we remain nimble enough to respond to needs quickly and efficiently.

Our staff of defense industry experts serves as an extension to our partner’s team and works to provide tailored recommendations and solutions suited to meet their requirements. Many members of our staff come with advanced U.S. Naval warfare experience and have a profound understanding of DoD operations, procedures, capabilities, and technologies. Partnering with PURVIS means knowing your organization is fully supported and your needs are fully understood.

Who We Serve

Department of Defense

We provide the DoD with mission-critical solutions that protect the nation’s security on land and at sea.

Government Agencies

We work with various government agencies to provide strategic direction, support, and the implementation of federal technology solutions.

Our Capabilities

Fire Station Alerting

Automating the process of dispatching fire and rescue personnel, enhancing communications, and decreasing response times.

Maritime Warfare

Equipping the Department of Defense with the sustainable, engineered solutions needed to protect our nation's security since 1973.

Information Technology

Ensuring systems and infrastructure are 100% secure and operational.

Systems Development & Integration

Providing comprehensive engineering services including the design, development, and modernization of hardware, software, and systems integration.

Operational Testing & Assessments

PURVIS evaluates systems to ensure operational readiness.

Field Support & Maintenance

Providing reliable training, maintenance, and 24/7/365 on-call support.

Our Work in Defense

Methodical in approach and meticulous in execution, we provide the solutions and support you need to protect the life, safety, and property of those you serve.

What Our Clients Say

We Build Sustainable, Engineered Solutions

Our team of defense experts – many with advanced U.S. Naval warfare experience – are intrinsically motivated to do what’s right and deliver what we promise, on time and on budget. Interested in learning more about our technology solutions that deliver accurate and reliable results?

The Definitive Guide for Building Your Fire Station Alerting System
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