Customer Profile: Naperville, IL

Dispatch & Fire Department

PURVIS implemented a turn-key Fire Station Alerting System to automate alerts for the City of Naperville. At the dispatch location, the solution interfaces with the City’s Central Square CAD system as well as with the City’s radio network and IP Network. Audio zones provide the City of Naperville the ability to alert by zone and ramped audio and day/night audio controls provide greater flexibility in how alerts are delivered within the station.​ PURVIS provided expertise on everything from configuration to implementation while also providing project management, training, and ongoing maintenance of the fire station alerting system in all 10 fire stations.

Our Technologies Improve Response Times and Streamline Communications

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting Systemâ„¢ is engineered to meet the exact needs of your organization, providing first responders with the information needed to do their jobs safer and faster.

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Fire Station Alerting System

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