Customer Profile: Washington DC

PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting™ is fully operational in the District of Columbia. The FSAS interfaces with the District’s Hexagon computer aided dispatch (CAD) and radio systems to fully automate the dispatching of fire and EMS calls. The system is installed in 36 locations throughout the District, including the Public Safety Command Center (PSSC), the Unified Communication Center (UCC), 32 Fire Stations, the Fire Boat and the District’s Radio Shop.

Alerting devices installed with the system include flat panel displays, multi-colored incident lights, speakers, and printers. The system also interfaces with DC Fire Department’s legacy LED reader board displays. Ramped audio tones and low intensity lighting help reduce stress on fire and EMS personnel.

Cameras installed with the FSAS help to enhance the safety of both station personnel and the DC community. The cameras, which have an integrated microphone, are installed with a doorbell at the front door of each fire station. When the doorbell is depressed, station personnel have the ability to see and have a two-way dialog with the person(s) standing outside. If station personnel do not respond to the doorbell alert, dispatchers are also alerted to the camera activation via visual and audible alerts. Dispatchers have the same camera and audio communications capabilities provided at the fire station.

Service Highlights:

  • Operational in 36 fire stations across the city
  • Integrated to Hexagon CAD System in 2 Comm Centers
  • Station devices include flat panel displays, multi-colored incident lights, speakers, and printers
  • Heart-friendly technologies for ramped audio and low intensity lighting has been implemented
  • Hardware, Software, and legacy equipment modernization services
  • Unique front-door station camera system installed at fire stations

Our Technologies Streamline Communications and Improve Response Times

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System® is engineered to meet the exact needs of your organization, providing first responders with the information needed to do their jobs safer and faster.

The Definitive Guide for Building Your Fire Station Alerting System

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