Customer Profile: Boston

PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™ is used by the Boston Fire Department, having been deployed in June, 2014 in concert with the deployment of their new Intergraph CAD (computer aided dispatch) system. Deployment of the system is city-wide consisting of all 35 fire stations, a fire training room, the Fire Communications Center, and the Boston Police Department Headquarters. The city can now claim to have a fully automated station alerting practice, based on these completed initiatives.

The FSAS automates the alerting process between the Department’s Dispatch Centers and the fire stations through an interface to the Intergraph CAD system.  It utilizes Boston’s Optical Network (BONET) infrastructure for Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity to all fire department facilities. The PURVIS FSAS™ also delivers automated voice alerts over the Boston Fire radio network.

The project included the delivery of hardware, software and services. Hardware provided by PURVIS included a PURVIS FSAS Central Server and Dispatch/Management Consoles in each Dispatch Center, and a PURVIS FSAS Station Control Unit, a UPS and a PURVIS FSAS printer in each fire station.  PURVIS interfaced the FSAS with several of the Department’s existing systems and devices already installed in each fire station, including public address/speaker systems, Federal Alert Receivers and trip lights.

Services provided by PURVIS included project management, system integration, configuration, testing, training, documentation, cutover, and ongoing maintenance/support. Boston has experienced noticeable improvements in dispatch time, including what they call “negative” turn-outs, which is when the first responders are able to deploy for the emergency, with incident information, in parallel with the full dispatch process.

Service Highlights:

  • PURVIS FSAS™ is installed in 35 stations city-wide
  • Integrated to Intergraph CAD System in 2 Comm Centers
  • Broadcasts automated voice alerts over the Boston Fire radio system
  • Leverages Boston’s optical WAN
  • Hardware, Software, & Systems Integration services

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