Public Safety

Keeping Our Communities Safe

Seconds save lives. We understand the critical role technology plays in response times and we have made it our mission to deliver our client partners solutions that empower them to handle life-critical situations quickly and safely.

Our 45+ years of experience in the public safety industry enables us to better serve fire departments, dispatch centers, and emergency medical service teams with reliable technology that ensures stability and uptime. Our team of engineers, technicians, and client service professionals ensure each project is a success through our proven implementation approach. Aside from just implementation, we also serve as a trusted partner who tailors specific technology solutions to your organization’s needs, offers extensive training, and provides ongoing, 24/7/365 support that you can count on. We strive to understand the unique needs and challenges of our client partners and then design and implement solutions ideally suited to meet those needs. 

When you partner with PURVIS, you get engineered solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs, system requirements, schedule, and budget.

Who We Serve

Fire Departments

We work with fire departments to understand their existing systems and then implement solutions that quickly and effectively provide critical dispatch and incident information to fire personnel in-station or wherever they may be located.

Dispatch Centers

We work with dispatch centers to integrate with their existing dispatch and IT infrastructure and install tailored solutions that automate alerting of fire and rescue personnel.


We help emergency medical service providers understand what technology will work for their organization, and then help implement solutions that deliver accurate and reliable information in life-critical situations.

Check out our eBook The Comprehensive Guide to Selecting a Fire Station Alerting System”, to uncover the key modernizations you should consider when selecting a fire station alerting system.

Our Capabilities

Fire Station Alerting

Automating the process of dispatching fire and rescue personnel, enhancing communications, and decreasing response times.

Information Technology

Ensuring systems and infrastructure are secure and integrated seamlessly to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Systems Development & Integration

Providing comprehensive engineering services including systems integration and the design, development, and modernization of software and hardware to ensure our solutions integrate seamlessly into your environment.

Operational Testing & Assessments

PURVIS personnel conduct rigorous testing in-house prior to system deployment and then travel on-site to ensure a seamless transition.

Field Support & Maintenance

Providing reliable training, maintenance, and 24/7/365 on-call support.

Our Work in Public Safety

Methodical in approach and meticulous in execution, we provide the solutions and support you need to protect the life, safety, and property of those you serve.

What Our Clients Say

We Build Connected Technology Solutions

Whether it’s integrating disparate systems, developing tailored software and hardware solutions, providing network engineering services, or implementing life-critical alerting technologies, PURVIS works with you to solve those challenges and right-size solutions for your organization.