SeaPort-e Task Orders

MK48 ADCAP Services

N402 - Configuration Management & Maintenance Services

N403 - Configuration Management & Maintenance Services

N404 - Homeland Security Support

N407 - Soft Impact Location Capability (SILC) & Embedded Instrumentation (EI) Services

N408 - Code 25 Lab Operations & Maintenance

N409 - BRAC Transition Support

N410 - Non-Intrusive Instrumentation

N411 - Soft Impact Location Capability

N412 - Homeland Defense Program Office

N414 - Acoustic Support Program

N415 - Facilities Support Services

N416 - Advanced Instrumentation Systems Technology Test Technology Area

N417 - Code 8541 Submarine Defense

N418 - Code 34 Electronic Warfare and Special Projects Laboratory Support

Navy Training Management and Planning Systems

Code 10 Facilities Support Services

Code 349 Acoustic Support Program

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