SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

PURVIS Quality Assurance Program | Seaport-E

PURVIS Systems Incorporated has a Total Company Commitment to Quality. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services available. We anticipate customers’ needs and strive for zero defects every time a PURVIS product or service is provided. We accomplish this through team work and integrating principles of quality in design, development, manufacturing and customer service.

PURVIS believes that a key component of every successful project is the establishment and maintenance of clear lines of communication with the customer, as well as internally among management, our personnel and our subcontractors. This practice provides the customer and project members with all of the information needed to stay up to date on all aspects of the job throughout the life of the project, which in turn helps maximize quality performance. This process begins early in the project with development of a comprehensive plan of action and milestones (POA&M) and project schedule that is communicated to the customer during initial planning meetings and follow-up meetings scheduled periodically throughout the entire period of performance. This ensures adherence to schedule and budget, provides opportunities for customer feedback, and ensures responsiveness to customer needs. PURVIS’ communication among management, lead personnel, and subcontractors occurs on a regular basis to identify and resolve issues ranging from the routine to the complex before they impact schedule and cost. We then provide the customer with well thought-out options from which they can select the most efficient and economical means of addressing any issues.

Commitment to quality is evident in our overall corporate culture, and in our resolve to maintain a highly qualified and engaged workforce as a key means to meeting our quality goals. The following measurable quality objectives have been formulated by the highest level of PURVIS management:

  • Provide quality products and services by striving to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Implement a quality system based on Government standards to foster continuous improvement and problem prevention instead of problem detection
  • Define and implement our quality system based upon employee involvement and commitment to excellence
  • Give employees the training and support needed to provide quality products and services to all customers
  • Communicate our mission and quality objectives to all employees, and assign individual responsibilities and accountability
  • Use statistical methods when appropriate to monitor quality performance and isolate major problems for immediate solution
  • Establish and maintain a working environment that supports the production and delivery of high quality products and services
  • Form relationships with both customers and suppliers that will improve quality in all aspects of product usage and purchased parts
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages each employee to achieve his or her full potential and establish pride in workmanship

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