3 Ways Fire Departments Can Enhance
Their Alerting System On a Budget

The PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™

Major fire station alerting improvements can come with a hefty price tag, but they don’t need to be an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, there are many ways you can make meaningful enhancements to your system even when budgets are tight. Find out how in PURVIS’s latest report. Fill out the form below for your free copy!

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    Why Choose the PURVIS Fire Station Alerting System™?

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    Affordable & Scalable 

    To Support Growth

    Our modular, software-based configuration allows for cost-effective scalability as needs and budgets change, without requiring costly hardware and software upgrades.

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    Increase Alerting

    Reliability & Redundancy

    Redundant automated alerts ensure first responders are given critical event information across a variety of different channels and devices, and never miss a call.

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    Decrease Call Processing

    & Turnout Times

    A CAD-integrated alerting system works alongside dispatch center personnel to automatically and instantly deliver incident details to the appropriate responders.

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    PURVIS Systems is a technology solutions partner with 45+ years of experience in the public safety industry that develops, implements, modernizes, and maintains life-critical public safety software and hardware solutions for fire departments, dispatch centers, and emergency medical services. 

    The Definitive Guide for Building Your Fire Station Alerting System
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